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Musician, Singer, Producer, Songwriter, Creator

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Sarah Noni: FOR YOU

Sky Parallel: BODY BETWEEN 

Sarah Noni: Wolves Live

Sarah Noni: LATE - Music Video
Sarah Noni: JEZEBEL - Music Video

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Sarah Noni is a songwriter, musician and producer with a passion for beautiful things.  In her early career she released her first two full length albums on Harry Manx’s record label Dogmycatrecords, touring extensively in Canada and the US, performing primarily in an acoustic and poetic style. The second album ont his label was created with producer and wordsmith Corwin Fox, titled “Daybreak mourning”, which earned her a nomination for Best Songwriter from the Canadian folk music awards in 2006.

The following year, she received a 2nd nomination and a win for the same album from the Canadian folk music awards for Best Solo Artist. Shortly after this, Sarah moved her life and career to Toronto, parted with the label and quickly began recording her 3rd album of higher energy pop music with renowned bass player and producer Maury Lafoy. This album, “Mansion of Happiness” was released with great reception in 2008.


After a season of tours and festivals to promote the new release, Sarah accepted an invitation to showcase at Berlin’s popkomm festival in Germany, which led into more tours, recordings, and eventually European management.

Although the stay in Europe was meant to be temporary, it turned into 5 years. During this time, Sarah performed many festivals, toured, and  furthered her musical study in composition in Messina, Italy. Shortly after that she spent a stint in Paris, while composing the score and soundtrack for a feature length film with Romanian Director Joe Savu. Eventually arriving back in Berlin, she recorded scores for several Canadian documentaries, wrote many songs and performed constantly. In 2014 she returned to Canada with her booking-agent-turned-husband and two-year-old daughter.


Currently living on the west coast, Sarah continues to be an expansive and explorative creator. Over the last few years some time was spent writing and recording with her eclectic alt pop duo, Sky Parallel with violinist Sara Fitzpatrick. New songs are being released under her Solo project, and most recently, a charming children's project that was recorded during 2020 lockdown with her 3 young children, called your invisible wings

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